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  • Blog Post: Night Trap on My Life In Gaming’s video podcast this week

    I had the pleasure of joining Coury Carlson (@CouryC)  and Marc Duddleson (@Try4ce) on their Bonus Stream, which airs every Sunday at 9 – 11PM EST.  On this episode we discussed Night Trap, which as you know by now, is one of my favorite games. On their channel they recollect their experiences...
  • Blog Post: Dream it! Build it! Host it! Building your first web game Html5/JS in less than an 1 hour

    Want to create your own game? Build it, host it and make it mobile – in 60 minutes at our FREE, online workshop. It’s free, fun and online! As part of the global Hour of Code movement, join this session and learn how to code your own game and host it online using DreamSpark and Microsoft Azure. We’ll...
  • Blog Post: How to land your dream job

    Your next employer is going to look you up online. You can influence what they see by creating an online resume. In this series of posts we share everything you need to create an online resume! Where can I host it? Consider hosting it with Microsoft Azure. Students get basic web hosting for free on Azure...
  • Blog Post: Unity Gaming: Unity Ads (part 1)

    Why you want ads We live in a Free to Play World where most users have grown accustomed to… more
  • Blog Post: Unity Gaming: Analytics (part 2)

    Implementing Analytics in Unity So in Part 1 of Unity Gaming: Analytics, I talked about the importance of analytics,… more
  • Blog Post: Unity Gaming: Analytics (part 1)

    The Importance of Analytics Analytics are one of the cheapest ways you can increase profit in your game. When… more
  • Blog Post: Getting the most out of your next hackathon

    One of the hardest things about any project is getting it started. At an event like a jam or hackathon this becomes incredibly crucial. Recently I had an opportunity to attend a Windows 10 game jam where I noticed that even though these events are more common its still easy to find yourself wondering...
  • Blog Post: Solitaire ist in Windows 10 drin

    Was habe ich dieses Spiel geliebt. In gefühlt jeder Version von Windows habe ich Tage, wenn nicht gar Wochen meines Lebens mit diesem Spiel verbracht. Mein Kollege Patric Boscolo ( hat mich gestern darauf gebracht, das dieses epische Meisterwerk more
  • Blog Post: #GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: Code Management for the Game Developer

    Do you struggle with managing all the complex components of your project? Do you find yourself asking simple questions like “Where should I put this patched code?” and “What’s my next task?” Well, there is a way to improve your project management skills. On this episode...
  • Blog Post: DirectX 12 Multiadapter: Lighting up dormant silicon and making it work for you

    Are you one of the millions of PC users with a laptop or a desktop system with an integrated GPU as well as a discrete GPU? Before Windows 10 and DirectX 12, all the performance potential from the second GPU goes unused. With DirectX 12 and Windows 10, application developers can use every GPU on the...
  • Blog Post: RoomAlive Toolkit unveiled at Build 2015

    As highlighted during the Build 2015 Conference , Microsoft is more committed than ever to delivering innovative software, services, and devices that are changing the way people use technology and opening up new scenarios for developers. Perhaps no software reflects that commitment better than the RoomAlive...
  • Blog Post: Upcoming MVA (MS Virtual Academy) Content

    Quite likely you are curious about the content in the MVA, the Microsoft Virtual academy. You may even have checked a few of our engaging series. Today I want to share with you a few coming events that may pick your interest. Microsoft Azure Back End for Gaming - April 14, 2015 9am–5pm...
  • Blog Post: DirectX 12 - Looking back at GDC 2015 and a year of amazing progress

    Last year at GDC 2014, we announced DirectX 12. Since then, we have made amazing progress, and we were excited to showcase this progress at GDC 2015. At the GDC 2015 Expo, we had a range of live demos including Lionhead Studio’s next beautiful game Fable Legends, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine...
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