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  • Blog Post: Xamarin, Xbox One Dev Mode, Bot Framework and HoloLens @ Reston meetup

    I presented Xamarin, Xbox One Dev Mode, Bot Framework and HoloLens at my Reston meetup group, DC-MS-Devs. Here is all the presentation material with the slides, links and my contact information. Each segment covered an overview + demo with input from more
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Azure Stack: プレビュー リリースのハードウェア要件

    このポストは、12 月 22 日に投稿された Microsoft Azure Stack: Hardware requirements for preview release の翻訳です。 このたび、近日リリース予定の Azure Stack プレビューのハードウェア要件が公開されました。詳細については、Server & Cloud ブログの Jeffrey Snover の 記事 (英語) をご確認ください。...( read more ) more
  • Blog Post: LLILUM SDK is now available for Visual Studio 2015

    We published today the first cut of the Llilum SDK for Visual Studio 2015. The build and installation experience is still a bit cumbersome, but you can now build and debug Llium code entirely in Visual Studio 2015. We also started cleaning up the LLVM bitcode generation by providing a managed wrapper...
  • Blog Post: Unity Gaming: Integrating Kinect (part 3)

    Kinect Skeleton in Unity So most of this code is used from the SDK, however I will be going… more
  • Blog Post: Unity Gaming: Integrating Kinect (part 2)

    Kinect and Unity – Setup Okay so in part 1 I showed you how to get the kinect working… more
  • Blog Post: Unity Gaming: Integrating Kinect (part 1)

    Software Setup Now before you start just plugging in any Kinect from random Xbox One or Xbox 360, you… more
  • Blog Post: Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015

    Premier Developer consultant Ivan Bondy brings us this series on building out a killer developer workstation. UPDATE : Ivan finished his series a few weeks ago, head back over to his blog to complete the saga of the ultimate developer workstation! This is the first post of a 4-part series: Ultimate Developer...
  • Blog Post: Flying a Drone with Windows 10 and an Xbox Controller

    WARNING: To avoid personal injury or damage to objects around you, I would suggest flying drones in outdoor open areas, preferably in an open field with little to no wind. It goes without saying that you should not fly drones in restricted areas, or record more
  • Blog Post: По следам WinHEC (Hardware Engineering Conference) 2015 — Windows 10, IoT, AllJoyn, облака и многое другое

    В марте прошла конференция WinHEC (Hardware Engineering Conference) , родившаяся в 1992 году и с 2008 года не проводившаяся. В конце 2014 было объявлено, что в 2015 году конференция вернется в новом формате и будет состоять из нескольких мероприятий. Первое мероприятие прошло в марте в Шеньчжене, и там...
  • Blog Post: Ergonomic vertical mouse for long fingers? Scroll wheel modification hack

    My Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 has been great at relieving wrist and arm stress for the last few years: [Image courtesy Bing image search] But a few weeks ago I was at a Microsoft retail store and played with a Razer brand gaming mouse that looked like this: [Image courtesy Bing image search...
  • Blog Post: Just Collecting Dust...

    It's Edinburgh Festival time again, and as usual they voted a winning joke. One of my favorite actors and stand-up comedians, Tim Vine, won it for the second time this year with a new one-liner: "I'm thinking of selling my vacuum cleaner. It's just collecting dust." Likewise, it seems I now have a...
  • Blog Post: Do I R2, or Just 12?

    We all know that hardware failures are not unheard of events, and - like most people - I try to cover for such eventualities. Many features of my network depend on a single server running a few Hyper-V machines, and so I have a cold-swap backup server all set up and configured to take over the tasks...
  • Blog Post: Six Buttons and a Volume Knob

    Probably there's not many people who can remember when TVs had just six buttons and a volume knob. You simply tuned each of the buttons to one of the five available channels (which were helpfully numbered 1 to 5), hopefully in the correct order so you knew which channel you were watching, and tuned the...
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