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  • Blog Post: How to add support for the back button in the TitleBar - XAML

    No doubt that if you've spent any time with Windows 10 and the 1st party apps you may have noticed the back button in the TitleBar: You can incorporate this into your Windows 10 UWP app with a few simple changes. Likely, you have already have similar code in place to support a Back Button in...
  • Blog Post: Windows 10 Adaptive Triggers - Intro

    Intro I have already done a couple of blog posts on some of the new XAML features for Windows 10 development, namely the new SplitView control, so I am going to follow up with a couple of posts on another new capability, using Adaptive Triggers. Adaptive Triggers is extremely useful for creating “responsive”...
  • Blog Post: Windows 10: Top 3 XAML/UI changes from 8.1 (State Triggers)

    Last but not least, Number 3! (or number 1 since this is a count, down…) Adaptive Layout As I… more
  • Blog Post: Windows 10: Top 3 XAML/UI changes from 8.1 (Split View)

    Continuing the countdown! TL;DR: Code is all on my GitHub, here Last Post we learned about the new… more
  • Blog Post: RangeSelector: A new control for your XAML for WinRT application

    While working on UrzaGatherer v3.0, I found myself in the need of a range selector control. Something like the slider control but with two thumbs. Feel free to ping me on Twitter( @deltakosh ) if you want to discuss about this article because this control is not part of the default library, I decided...
  • Blog Post: Windows 10: Top 3 XAML/UI changes from 8.1 (Relative Panel)

    Hey Everybody! I’m taking a little detour from my usual Unity Gaming Tutorial Series, to give you the top… more
  • Blog Post: Using Win2D to apply effects on your files

    It’s been a long time since my last post about C# but I’m still using it, mainly for a personal project: UrzaGatherer 3.0. Version 2.0 was done using WinJS and JavaScript but because I love discovering new things I decided that version 3.0 will be developed using C# and XAML for Windows 10. One of the...
  • Blog Post: x:Bind viene en camino

    El post original lo puede leer en el blog del satur Si bien aún ( domingo 20 de Junio de 2015 ) no existe información oficial (con oficial me refiero a MSDN) sobre lo que viene para los desarrolladores con Windows 10, Microsoft nos ha dejado ver una more
  • Blog Post: Windows 10 SplitView – Build Your First Hamburger Menu

    With all of the new and exciting features coming out with Windows 10 development, the SplitView control is a new addition to XAML. For a quick intro to the SplitView, you can check out my previous post here. This post covers the basics of implementing a SplitView in XAML, some of the key properties,...
  • Blog Post: MVVM III La vista (View)

    En el post anterior hablamos de la característica de atado de datos de XAML y vimos que es la característica sobre la que está basado el patrón MVVM, en este post hablaremos del concepto de vista (View) , la vista es la parte de nuestra aplicación que more
  • Blog Post: Can I tell Narrator how I want a particular character to be pronounced?

    Someone recently raised the interesting point that they found the Narrator screen reader pronounces “3 + 1” as “three plus one” when interacting with their app, yet it pronounces “3 - 1” as “three to one”. They were curious as to whether they could tell...
  • Blog Post: Windows 10 SplitView – Creating a Hamburger Button

    **YouTube Video - ** **GitHub sample - ** Although we have added the SplitView control to XAML with the ability to create a hamburger menu, we lack documentation on how to actually...
  • Blog Post: Windows 10 SplitView – Intro

    The SplitView control is a new addition to XAML for Windows 10 Applications. It’s basic use is to display a side menu, such as the one usually called “hamburger menu”. One thing to note is that the SplitView is not a built in "Hamburger Menu". It actually just gives you the ability...
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