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  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast: Ep 29 – Ska Studios

    The post Indie Dev Podcast: Ep 29 – Ska Studios appeared first on Dave Voyles | Tech Evangelist at Microsoft .
  • Blog Post: Game Dev Show 01 – Which language should I program my game in?

      Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Game Dev Show, I’m @DaveVoyles. Throughout this series we’ll have several Microsoft Technical Evangelists, as well as some guests, to introduce you to the concepts behind game development from a number of angles, including the programming...
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast, Episode 25 – Ethan Lee, FNA

      Listen to the podcast Download the .mp3 Subscribe via iTunes Ethan Lee is a software engineer based out of Georgia, who has a history of working on what previously XNA, but is now his own open source fork of the project. Along the way, he has ported a countless number of titles for independent…...
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast, Episode 24 – Kevin Giguère, Dragon Slumber

    Listen to the podcast Download the .mp3 Subscribe via iTunes Edit: I realize now that the episode starts ~ 1:30 mark, and video comes in at 3:30. Kevin Giguère is a  programmer in his thirties from Quebec, Canada, and the man behind Dragon Slumber, an isometric RPG created with XNA.  Previously, Kevin...
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast Ep 23 – Sean Colombo, Blueline Games

    Listen to the podcast Download the .mp3 Subscribe via iTunes Sean Colombo has been making games for 15 years. After quitting college to run web-startup “LyricWiki”, he sold the site to Wikia in 2009. A couple years later he founded BlueLine Games to focus on making digital versions of award...
  • Blog Post: Installing XNA with Visual Studio 2015

    I get this question so often? How can I install XNA with the latest version of Visual Studio. The question generally comes from UK Academics still teaching XNA here the latest up to date how to use XNA and Visual Studio 2015. Thanks to the Open Source Project MXA, XNA now works fine with Visual...
  • Blog Post: How I got started in technical evangelism, Pt. 1

    This is a question that I get asked pretty often, so I thought I’d write it down to make it easier to share. I’ve also asked some of my peers for their story as well, since they all have unique backgrounds and this is definitely an interesting role with many paths to get to it.… The...
  • Blog Post: XBLIG Program Announcement

    Celebrating the past and embracing the future of indie gaming By: Chris Charla and Andy Dunn Post Time: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 5:17 p.m. PT At Xbox, we have seen firsthand the magic that independent developers can bring to gamers worldwide. The reception to ID@Xbox on Xbox One has been fantastic...
  • Blog Post: Sunsetting the XBLIG program for the Xbox 360

    It’s a sad day for current and former XBLIG developers, but it is inevitable that all digital retail stores must come to an end. I’ll post my feelings on the XBLIG program, and share storied about all of the wonderful people I’ve met through the program at a later date, when I’ve...
  • Blog Post: MonoGame 3.4 is out, has support for Windows 10, and that will include Xbox One

    Today the MonoGame team released 3.4, which includes a flurry of updates, but most importantly, support for Windows 10 Universal Apps and was timed to coordinate with the Build 2015 conference going on right now. I wrote more about what’s coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 for game developers here...
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast – Ep 19, Michael Hicks

    Listen to the podcast. I do a podcast from time to time, which you can find at In this follow up to episode 15, Michael gives a brief postmortem about releasing his first Playstation 4 title. We discuss the process for getting more
  • Blog Post: New weekly newsletter is out

    This is my weekly newsletter which covers my favorite stories of the week in the fields of Tech, HTML5, Startups, Game Dev, and Venture Capital. If you find some links that you think would be useful, feel free to share! You can always subscribe (or unsubscribe more
  • Blog Post: Indie Dev Podcast, Ep 15 – Michael Hicks

    You can listen to the podcast here. Designer and musician on Pillar, a collection  of minigames, each with unique personalities and challenges, which his headed to PS4. Previously, Michael and I had coordinated the third Indie Games Summer Uprising in more
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