My travels with WDF

The continuing story of a boy, his dog and their discovery of the world outside...of WDM.

September, 2008

  • My travels with WDF

    How to find the droids you might be looking for

    Most of you at the DDC will notice that I'm not at the DDC. I'm guessing that makes me one of the "juniors" that Bob was referring to. ;) 4.) How do you build debugging techniques into your driver? Ie, DbgBreakPoint, ASSERT, etc - which is best in...
  • My travels with WDF

    It's flick, then swish

    So the next part of the little Q&A series on...well, QA; 3.) What security considerations do you take into account when designing and developing a kernel mode driver? Validate user mode pointers and check the buffers to and from user mode. ;...
  • My travels with WDF

    It's all in the wrists

    I got a few interesting questions recently, which was helpful because I was having a tough time finding good material for you guys and gals of late. That's the problem with working on the next Operating System, I can't tell you about all the cool stuff...
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