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  • Blog Post: A funny thing happened on the way to the keyboard

    So as I was crafting some UMDF HID driver code for your consumption, and I was working with one of you (and you know who you are *g*) during some of that time frame, we sort of discovered everything already exists between my earlier blog posts and some of the WDK samples.  So rather than reinvent...
  • Blog Post: 0 and 1 are not just numbers, they’re spaces!

    Again, thanks to our intrepid explorer Ilia S. for helping uncover some more traps in the UMDF HID Collection Filter journey. Two things to keep in mind as you’re creating your driver: 1. UMDF drivers are hosted in a Session 0 based executable on Vista and above - - and - 2. A lot of Win32 APIs for controlling...
  • Blog Post: How to avoid getting a HID to the head (a guide to making a UMDF - HID collection filter)

    First of all, HUGE thanks to Ilia S. for helping to track down this little trap. I’m glad we finally got your driver up and running! Nothing like having an 8 hour time difference to slow things down. :) For those of you who like the 30 second version; If you need to use Impersonation in a UMDF...
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