It has been a several months since we shipped Visual Studio 2005 Beta1 with the Distributed System Designers.  A lot of customers have started looking into the Distributed System Designers since then.


We have been getting some feedback on features that customers would like to see in the designers through the logging of bugs/suggestions at the MSDN Feedback Center. Thanks to all that have participated so far!


Logging these issues helps us to understand and track them.  More importantly, it gives customers a voice to 'vote' for their favorite feature(s).  While we can't promise all these suggestions will make it into the product this release, adding votes to your favorite feature will certainly increase the likelihood the important ones will.   Suggestions that don’t make it into this release will be tracked and considered for future releases.


Therefore, I want to further encourage users to let us know what they would like to see in our product, the Distributed System Designers.






Ported from Ramesh’s blog for the Class Designer -