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A few thoughts and comments from a PM working on TFS...
  • Aaron Bjork

    Agile Tip #4 – Plan Using Velocity

    Tip #4: Use velocity when planning iterations. Before you plan an iteration it’s critical that your team understands its velocity. A team’s velocity is the number of story points that it can complete in a single iteration. Put even more...
  • Aaron Bjork

    Agile Tip #3 – Story Point Scales

    Tip #3 : Choose a meaningful story points scale for estimating user stories. The MSF Agile 5.0 template uses story points as the estimation unit for items on the product backlog (User Stories). The field itself is a double and supports different number...
  • Aaron Bjork

    Agile Tip #2 – Simple User Story Titles

    Tip #2 : Write short/simple titles for each user story. In the MSF Agile 5.0 process, requirements are collected in the form of User Stories . This technique of expressing product requirements has become extremely popular in recent years as the Agile...
  • Aaron Bjork

    Agile Tips

    With the launch of Visual Studio 2010 last week I thought it would helpful to start a series of blog posts on how you can make the most out of the TFS 2010 process templates. If you’ve been following any of the beta releases you know that MSF Agile 5...
  • Aaron Bjork

    Agile Tip #1 – Epics and Themes

    Tip #1 : Organize your product backlog into epics and themes using parent/child relationships. It’s common to say that user stories should be small – you want the team to be able to complete the implementation of a user story in a single...
  • Aaron Bjork

    Visual Studio Certified Process Template Program

    With the launch and release of Visual Studio 2010 we’re pleased to announce the new Visual Studio Certified Process Template Program .  Visual Studio certified process templates are high quality templates created by certified partners from the Visual...
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