My occasional lunch companion/soon-to-be office mate, Alex Kipman, is featured on the latest episode of MSDN TV. You can check it out here. Kipman talks extensively here about our new build platform, MSBuild, and what makes it so cool.

Random sidenote: I went to the blog meetup the other night, where I was asked “what's your favorite feature in Whidbey, and don't say refactoring!” I have to say, I was kind of stumped for a second. My natural reaction would have been to say “refactoring,” just because it is so incredibly handy, cool, and useful. Nevertheless, after a couple seconds of thinking about Whidbey, it was clear: MSBuild is just about the coolest new feature of Whidbey. It's been very low on the hype radar thus far, but I think, in time, it will prove itself to be a valuable asset for any .Net-using development group.