I have been really bad about blogging in the past week because it's just been nuts for me. Unlike Scoble, blogging tends to be the first thing I cut from my daily list of activities (a double-edged sword, for sure). In any case, I imagine that I will be more faithful about it in the near future. Of course, as Whidbey nears release I will have more to talk about, so stay tuned for that at some point (note: I am not giving any hints whatsoever about our release date here. I am very much a fan of the Bungie/Halo 2 approach to talking about these things when it's appropriate, and definitely not before).

In any case, the U of Minnesota Recruiting drive was great! I met a lot of very interesting undergraduate and graduate students, and it was very exciting to get their perspective on Microsoft, and find out more about what drives others to want to work for my employer. I've been working for Microsoft on-and-off for long enough now that I have lost all independent perspective on why people might not want to work for Microsoft, or, moreover, what their reservations would be. So, thanks again to everyone who came by our booth to drop off a resume. I also wanted to mention one other important thing: we really do look at every resume that passes into our hands. I know that a lot of people are of the mindset that emailing a resume to a jobs address at a company means that your resume is as good as ignored. This is really not true in the case of Microsoft. So, if you are still in school and you didn't have a chance to drop off your resume when we came to town (or if we just didn't come, period), please do email your resume to us. We will look at it.

Work was so nuts for me this week because I missed all-day Monday, and I didn't even get back to Seattle until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. This messed up all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday for me. So, functionally, I only really worked two full days this week. So much for getting that full, necessary work week in. I have enough to do that I will probably end up working for a good part of the weekend to catch up. Nevertheless, I am incredibly excited about the projects I am working on right now. Whidbey will be really cool!