William Gibson, of Neuromancer fame, is speaking at Microsoft today (actually, in a half-hour). I'm sitting in the front row of a lecture room waiting for his talk to begin. I was quite saddened that I forgot my copy of Pattern Recognition at home today, as I would've liked to have had it signed. Nevertheless, the good people at Penguin (his publishing company) appear to have come well-prepared, armed not just with copies of every single book of his, but with a credit card processor as well. Ah, lovely. And here I was doing my best not to blow tons of money on books this month. What a tragedy. On the plus side of things, I have been floundering around for ideas for a good friend's birthday. It looks like the perfect birthday present just slapped me across the face like a Pythonian fish.


William Gibson on William Gibson: “he was rambling and brief, and not even that brief.”

Similarities between Pattern Recognition, and Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive were not overtly intentional. “I am never conciously trying to make a meta-work, it's an accretion.”

“I don't have the hard cultural shell of a Windows user; I don't have the carapace, the resentment! My sense of Microsoft is your grandmother's sense of microsoft, reading about it in the paper.“

“i don't think we're at one of those jumping off points yet; it's hard to tell. all of the noise of marketing promotion tries to tell us that we are.“

“Accessing [the part of myself that writes sci-fi] is a long painful experience that involves lots of typing.“