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March, 2004

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    Another VSCore Blogger

    I just discovered that Scott Swanson , another Program Manager on VSCore, has started blogging. Scott manages the Help experience in Whidbey: everytime you hit F1 in Visual Studio, you're seeing some of the fruits of his labor. He's a great guy, well...
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    Tips on making a great-looking Windows XP app

    I've been thinking a lot lately about some best practices in making sure applications look and feel like 'real' Windows XP apps. This is one of those areas that is, in my opinion, undervalued at times, despite the fact that it really can make a huge difference...
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    Where's the Whidbey Content?

    Since I just started in the Visual Studio Core team in November 2003, I unfortunately haven't done that much work yet that has been released to the public. As we get closer to certain events (say, like Beta 1) I will start focusing more on Whidbey, and...
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