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  • Blog Post: Creating a Business Logo

    Ian Landsman from UserScape posted an article on his weblog about the process of creating a logo for his small software company and his product. Interesting reading for anyone running a MicroISV.
  • Blog Post: From Zero to RTM: Pricing Guidelines for Software Developers

    One of my favorite bloggers in the whole wide world, Eric Sink of Sourcegear and Vault fame, just published an article on MSDN about properly pricing your hot new software package. The Product Pricing Primer contains interesting points like product positioning, determining expenses, and one of the best...
  • Blog Post: From Zero to RTM

    I'm sure that a lot of software developers have, at one time or another, pondered creating shareware. It's pretty attractive in theory: you make a small application in your spare time, publish it to the web, have thousands of users download and purchase it, and then use the proceeds to supplement your...
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