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June, 2007

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I am currently a developer for Team Build, the build automation feature of Team Foundation Server.  Prior to that I worked on the Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP), a tool used by the EPA to estimate the health and economic impacts of air pollution.  Prior to that I worked on speech software, including the Microsoft Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, the Speech API (SAPI), and the Microsoft Speech Server. 

  • Aaron Hallberg

    Building From The Command-Line With DevEnv

    Many Visual Studio project types are not supported by MSBuild - setup projects, reporting projects, etc. As such, the typical guidance for building these types of projects from within Team Build has centered around invoking devenv (the IDE) using an Exec...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Solution Configurations

    Team Build (v1 and Orcas) typically deals with solution configurations, which many people (including me circa 2005) don't understand. So - I figured I'd post a quick tutorial here on solution configurations vs. project configurations... Project-Level...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Team Build and Multiproc MSBuild

    MSBuild is introducing a new feature in Orcas where projects can be built in parallel - see their team blog post for details. Team Build has added support for this feature by: Modifying Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets to build each configuration...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Upcoming Visual Studio Team System Chat - July 3rd

    FYI - we've got two chats occurring on July 3rd - here's all the info: Come chat with the Visual Studio Team System product group – July 3rd Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Visual Studio Team...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Team Build and 260+ Character Paths

    A fairly common issue in Team Build v1 involved builds failing due to paths that exceed 260 characters - see this forum post, for example. 260 characters is not a Team Build limit - it is a Windows limit. See here for a reference on this topic... Team...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Team Build and the AssemblyInfo Task

    Gautam Goenka, dev lead for Team Build v1, wrote a blog post way back in January of 2004 that laid out an approach for using the AssemblyInfo task to update version numbers with Team Build. I refer people to this post all the time, and have never had...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Preserving Output Directory Structures in Orcas Team Build

    A common complaint with Team Build v1 was that it ignored the output paths specified for individual projects and just dumped all binaries and other compilation outputs into a flat directory structure... In previous posts (e.g. this one ) I have discussed...
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