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November, 2007

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About Aaron Hallberg

I am currently a developer for Team Build, the build automation feature of Team Foundation Server.  Prior to that I worked on the Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP), a tool used by the EPA to estimate the health and economic impacts of air pollution.  Prior to that I worked on speech software, including the Microsoft Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, the Speech API (SAPI), and the Microsoft Speech Server. 

  • Aaron Hallberg

    How Would You Spend $100 On MSBuild?

    The MSBuild team is looking for some feedback from the community to keep their "vision" for the next version of MSBuld aligned with their customers wants and needs. They've got a blog post up here that asks for you, the MSBuild experts out there, to rank...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    How to: Fail a Build When Tests Fail

    Got an email from Martin Woodward this morning asking: What would be your preferred way to fully fail the build on test failure rather than partially succeed the build? A bit of background - Team Build 2008 marks builds as Succeeded if no errors are encountered...
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