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May, 2008

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About Aaron Hallberg

I am currently a developer for Team Build, the build automation feature of Team Foundation Server.  Prior to that I worked on the Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP), a tool used by the EPA to estimate the health and economic impacts of air pollution.  Prior to that I worked on speech software, including the Microsoft Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine, the Speech API (SAPI), and the Microsoft Speech Server. 

  • Aaron Hallberg

    Attaching Custom Data to a Build

    In Orcas, we introduced a generic information storage for builds - internally this is used for all build steps, associated changesets/workitems, etc.  You can use it to attach arbitrary data to a build (and later retrieve it).  Here are a couple...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Orcas RTM Object Model Documentation

    The official Orcas RTM OM documentation was posted a while ago, and I neglected to blog about it!  It's available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=6466b53d-d80b-4c31-8f5c-dfb5d32e9411&DisplayLang=en .  Make...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Tech*Ed 2008

    If you are planning on attending Tech*Ed Developers in sunny Orlando this year, I'll be manning the Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server (Version Control and Build) demo station (quite the name, eh?) for about 22 hours over the course...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Orcas SP1 TFS Build Changes, Part 2

    As promised, here are some more details on other SP1 changes for TFS Build.  3. Detect test results. In Whidbey, a failed test would result in a failed build - builds were either Succeeded or Failed, so there wasn't really much middle ground. ...
  • Aaron Hallberg

    Orcas SP1 TFS Build Changes

    Brian Harry put up a post on the improvements that will be available in the upcoming Team Foundation Server 2008 SP1 release. Here's some more in depth info on two of the TFS Build changes: 1. Conditionalize builds on the trigger. There are actually...
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