We've just posted the November 2006 CTP version of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK Version 4. This release is only being posted on vsipmembers.com, so you'll need to login to get it. Go check it out and be sure to send us feedback and suggestions. We love hearing how we can improve the SDK!!!

Some of the new features and things to check out in this CTP:

  • ToolboxControlsInstaller Package Redistributable
  • Controls sample (which demonstrates using the above ToolboxControlsInstaller)
  • Sample showing how to use the VsIdeHostAdapter (look in the  Example.EditorWithToolbox\IntegrationTests folder)
  • Sandcastle now shipping in the VS SDK
  • New Setup UI
  • Setup MSI Caching (helps in uninstall/repair scenarios)
  • Better behavior under Vista/UAC