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April, 2005

  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Visit to redmond


    Its almost a month, I'm here in Remond. I was very excited to come to the heart of things where everything of VSTS other than team build gets done. I was very excited to meet all the people and attach faces to the email aliases and caught off handed many a times when someone looked or talked so differentlly than the person you conjured in your mind. I loved the open campus which is so different than the walled campuses I have seen back home.

    I was surprised to see a soccer field in the middle of the campus. I always thougt that cricket and soccer is not so common in US. A visit to the cafeteria and a stroll around was enough to explain it. There are so many europeans and latin americans all around. I met people from so many coutries, people from Vietnam, Russian, England, China, Japan and of course from India. Did not see Bill Gates yet, but I do hope to catch a glimpse of him.What I hated most about the place was the rains. Do not get me wrong here, I am from coastal country and love the rains. But back home rain is torrential like a white blanket that comes down and cleans the earth of dust, dirt and sin. Then the sun is back again and you run for shelter. Here the rain is like a dripping tap, it goes on and on like drip, drip, drip, drip, drip.....

    I visited Whidbey island and took a photo of an insect on a leaf. Then had a blast sending an email to all the folks in India that I found a bug in Whidbey and sent a link to the picture. I gave the bug repro steps as well. Visit Whidbey, look around on the leaves and you'll find plenty of bugs.

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