Unfortunately I did not attend MIT, and Scheme was not taught to us as one of the first languages :) . Our college used Prolog for similar purpose and I learned scheme much later. When I first started out what intrigued me most was that its one of the oldest launguages around and was still holding ground. It was developed in 1975 a year before I was born and in the field of computing things seldom stick for so long.

After taking a brief look into the syntax I figured out this is not one of those languages where you try out "Hello world" first. I brought up the DrScheme IDE and tried out (/ 22 7) which is supposed to print out 22 divided by 7. I was surprised that to get back 3 1/7 and not something like 3.1428.

The results of the next attempt was even for interesting. I tried out (% 22 7). This was a typo as there is no % operator in Scheme. The Scheme interpreter actually displayed the imageof a bug to indicate there was a bug in the code I typed. Whenever I get a VSTS bug assigned to me on some improper/ambiguous/funny error messages I always feel like showing that person this message :)

DrScheme Screen shot