The biggest issue with the names of Indian cities is that they change :). I know of some other countries where it changes as well.

Of the 4 largest cities in India, 3 have changed names in the recent past. Calcutta became Kolkata (2001), Madras became Chennai (1996), Bombay became Mumbai (1995). The most recent being the change of Bangalore to Bengaluru (2006). So next time someone uses the term Bangalored they need to be corrected.

The change of names is typically done to replace imperial names with a local names or to correct the spelling to match the local pronunciation. Frequently the name change is controversial.

Additional problem is that the names of streets also change. I have a friend whose house shifted from Theatre Road, Calcutta to Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata without them having to call a packer and mover.

I guess that explains why I attended University of Calcutta in Kolkata or why Kolkata airport code is CCU.