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March, 2007

  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Build 24 - The 24 hour non-stop coding competition


    Last week at Microsoft India we had a 24 hour non-stop coding competition named Build 24. It was one of the most amazing things I had seen in a long time. Initially we got luke-warm response and a very few teams signed-up. However, in the morning when the competition started we soon had 36 teams and 150 people signed up.

    All of the folks gathered in a room and started working non-stop for 24 hours on their ideas and pet projects. The next day at noon each team presented their ideas, half-finished work and for some folks fully working stuff to a set of MS India execs. They were exalted with what they saw and anounced the prizes. Guess what, we won too!!!! Unfortunately I can't disclose what we developed but I can give a hint. Its on the wishlist of every coder under the "I'd one day create a ...
    " heading. I sincerely hope that we are able to give better shape to this one day...

  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Which font do you use


    I was reading Sriram's posts about his fling with fonts which reminded me that I have a peculiar attachment with courier new. I use it liberally. My emails are in Courier new teal and my website is also in the same font but uses a different color scheme (white over black). Since most of the time I'm coding and editors typically use fixed width font like courier new, I kind of got used to it.

    Each time I boot up a new box, I set the console font to courier and some insanely small size. Again I have an obsession with seeing as much as I can in a single screen.

    However, working in Adobe had got me in touch with some people for whom fonts are the very basis of existance. I saw one of them cringe when one mentioned "font format". He went into a lengthy lecture on how modern fonts are actually languages that specify curves and not a format like the older Bitmapped fonts.

  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Microsoft ships the most secure OS


    Symantec reports that MSFT fared better than apple and other copetitors (including Red Hat) in providing the most secure OS. Read a nice summary here. Since this comes from a MSFT competitor (in another market) and a leading security software vendor, it makes it all the more credible.

    I was pleasantly surprised.

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