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May, 2010

  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Inside the Windows Phone Emulator


    Learn from the dev lead and PM of Windows Phone 7 Emulator on how it works and delivers the awesome performance.

    Some key points

    1. The emulator is essentially a x86 based Virtual Machine running full image of Windows Phone 7 OS
    2. It emulates various peripherals (e.g. audio, networking), the list hopefully will grow in the future
    3. Supports multi-touch if your host PC has a touch screen
    4. It uses the GPU on the host PC to accelerate the graphics
    5. Shameless plug: One of the reason it’s possible to emulate x86 and still have managed apps running as-is, is because the runtime (.NET Compact Framework) supports both x86 and ARM seamlessly (provides JITer for both architectures and runs the same managed code on both seamlessly)

    Get Microsoft Silverlight

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