This is my first blog either on MSDN or elsewhere so I'm going to start with the cheesy about me with some background on my work experience.

I've been a Microsoft employee in Redmond for over 4 years.  I have spent the majority of this tenure working on the Visual Studio for Devices (VSD) team as an SDET in a variety of capacities.  I was originally hired as a member of the Visual Basic Language team chartered to test the entire MS.VB.dll's set of language components that would ship in the first version of Visual Studio for Device which shipped with VS 7.1.  Our contracts with the desktop VB team enabled us to take advantage of desktop VB's overwhelming array of language tests and target them at the device libraries.

During our current & upcoming release I was a part of the VSD debugger team.  Here I worked on both our Managed & Native debugger.  VSD built from scratch a new native debugger targeting Windows Mobile devices and I was part of the team chartered with the testing of that debugger.  In addition my team to continue to maintain & expand our existing managed debugger coverage.  Again through contracts made with the desktop debugger teams we were able to leverage tests in many places allowing testers to focus on device specific test issues instead of rewriting test cases from scratch.  I'm excited to see VS8.0 coming to a close and giving our customers a chance to play with tools we've worked so hard on.

Today I work in the VS SDK team.  I'm new to the team so my experience is minimal but my desire to bring fresh ideas is strong. We are a small team chartered with some interesting challenges.  In addition we are given a great deal of flexibility in management allowing us to explore new areas for efficiency.  As a member of this team I am officially an SDET of the SDK testing various areas from setup to samples but our loose structure actually grays the lines between disciplines so team members, me included, help wherever possible.

I look forward to sharing my current projects and solicit your feedback on areas we can improve our SDK or I can improve this blog.

Anthony @ MS