I've been looking for the right time to start back up my blog and regularly contribute to it on the projects that I'm currently working on.  Well for the last few months I've been heads down on pulling together the Visual Studio Gallery which was announced today on Soma's blog.  This release makes for a pretty good time to get back on the blog bandwagon.

I'm really excited to say that we now finally have a single place where all developers can go to find extensions to Visual Studio.  The site has everything from community built power toys for VS to industry partner solutions for enterprise development.  Any developer can post information about their extensions so if you have an Add-in, package, set of useful project templates, or other installable extensions you think other developers will find useful click on the "My Account" link to add an entry and point to your extension.

There is a lot we want to do with this site.  For starters we'll be working on adding in some community trust features like ratings & comments.  We're also working on adding in RSS feeds to make it easier to stay on top of the new extensions on the Gallery.  There are a number of other features we're working on that I'll talk about in future blogs.  If you have suggestions or feedback about features you think would be useful please email me so I can make sure we're considering those when setting our priorities.

For more info about the gallery you can watch the channel 9 video on the Gallery.  If you're looking to start building your own extension just visit the VSX dev center for the tools you'll need.