One of the biggest areas the Visual Studio Ecosystem team receives feedback on is around difficulties with acquiring and installing Package Load Keys (PLK) which are needed for deploying your Visual Studio Package to a machine that doesn't have the Visual Studio SDK installed.

 Historically PLK's & more recently SLK's (Shell Load Keys for deploying a Visual Studio Shell based application) could only be acquired through the website.  The overwhelming feedback we got from users who were just looking for a PLK was that there was too much process on that site for obtaining the PLK's.

We recently made the process of getting PLK's & SLK's several steps easier by exposing the PLK & SLK generation forms directly on MSDN here.  Now you can generate whatever PLK's or SLK's you need without having to sign into, create a company profile or provide detailed product information.  The form simply asks for the key values needed to generate your PLK or SLK.

At the same time we've also created a new VSX Flash Newsletter for affiliate members to keep up with latest information & events around the Visual Studio Extensibility (VSX) community.  The newsletter goes out approximately once a month and will include updates on the latest project the VS Ecosystem team is working on, new features we are developing, and other extensibility related announcements.

 With that we are retiring the Affiliate level.  After August 1, 2008 Affiliate level members will no longer be able to sign into the site.  Instead we encourage all users to get their PLK or SLK through the MSDN site.

To generate a PLK or SLK click here

To Sign up for the VSX Flash Newsletter