Hello all.  I wanted to share with everyone some info about the upcoming VSX Developer Conference the Visual Studio Ecosystem team and the VSIP team is hosting in September.

This event is being hosted on Microsoft Campus in Redmond at the Microsoft Conference Center on September 15th & 16th.  The conference is open to all developers who are interested in learning about extending Visual Studio 2008.

The conference will be entirely focused on Visual Studio Extensibility with a keynote from the General Manager for Visual Studio, Jason Zander.  Sessions will include introductory sessions on how to get started with extending Visual Studio 2008 as well as more advanced topics around extending the Visual Studio Shell, DSL, VSTS and more.  We'll share some highlights about extensibility enhancements in the next release of Visual Studio.

To register visit msdn.com/vsx/conference.  There is a $100 registration fee which will go towards attendee handouts including a copy of Professional Visual Studio Extensibility by Keyvan Nayyeri and other other items.

If you have any questions about this event just email vsxconf@microsoft.com.