Being a creature that operates exclusively on habit, as is proven by a few forehead marks from poles I might walk into from time to time, I have to habitual-ize (made up word) something new like blogging for me to really get any value from it.  I thought blogging on cool technologies I see from time to time might be the thing I need to trick myself into blogging.

I recently learned that when creating appointments in my Outlook calendar that I can describe the date I’m looking for and let Outlook figure out the actual date without having to Open the date time control to click on the actual date.  For example:

Open Outlook
File \ New \ Appointment
Tab till you get to the Start time
Type ‘tomorrow’ & press Enter

Outlook automatically calculates tomorrow’s date and enters it in.  It also calculates other date descriptions like ‘next week’, ‘next month’, ‘next year’ and even offsets such as ‘next month + 5 days’. Now that is pretty cool by itself but what I didn’t realize was this also works for other named calendar events such as:
New years, new years eve, new years day, Christmas, Valentine’s day, and I’m sure a ton of others I haven’t found yet.