neXpert v1.0 Released!

neXpert v1.0 Released!

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We are pleased to announce that the first version of neXpert, a performance add-on to Fiddler, has been released!


Download neXpert

neXpert extends Fiddler’s use in performance testing by adding the following features:


·         Add step markers while capturing traffic to create steps or clicks in a scenario

·         Easy access buttons for performance testing with Fiddler

o   Clear Cache/Cookies

o   Enable Fiddler Streaming Mode (

·         Ping each host in a capture to calculate current latency

·         Create rudimentary response time predictions for different latencies and browsers (BETA)

·         Create a HTML report which checks for performance issues with the following:

o   HTTP Response Code

o   ASP.NET View State

o   Static Files

o   Large Images

o   Compression

o   Authentication

o   ETags

o   Cache Headers

o   Connection Header

o   Vary Header

o   Cookies

Please also check out the following resources:

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