Not really sure if this is real or not.


Essentially, people or companies can buy time or topics on the blog in order to generate buzz or at least search rank linking. What is interesting is that the site refers to itself as outsource blogging for the American market using Chinese nationals to update and maintain the blog. I tend to believe its more of an elaborate parody joke though since if you want to be a real outsourced blog content provider you DON'T call yourself an outsource blog content provider. Stranger business models have popped up in China however.

Yesterday, we watched a recorded lecture given in Microsoft Research Redmond by one of the early pioneers of the current hot meme of PodCasting and how to to set one up.  During Q & A, one of the researchers asked a question that in basic terms amounted to: "what can we do to be more cooler?" Which struck us a bit funny since if you have to ask what you need to do to be cool then essentially you're like uncool.

This point was quite relevant since as the speaker answered, if your show looks so slick with high  production quality, then it loses its appeal as a quirky grass roots kind of medium. Those "cool" target audiences that you want to reach have evolved Corporate Blog/PodCasting filters already and can sniff out directed marketing and PR goals a mile away. If you "overproduce" to get your marketing and corporate message out to the public, they will shun it like warm chicken salad on a hot day.

Unless of course you hide it under the veneer of corporate counterculture.

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