As a traveler, I'm always interested in seeing what software is specifically designed for backpackers and people on the move.  The number of people traveling internationally for pleasure steadily grows, especially young people.  The traditional "summer in Europe" or jaunt around Southeast Asia is a great place for a travelblog.

The New York Times recently published an article on blogs designed specifically for backpackers.  The blogging sites designed for travelers usually have some sort of map service where one can view their path on a map of a globe or country.  One had rudimentary support for time-based media as well.

What I envision is a Traveler’s Companion device that supports mobile blogging, podcasting, vlogging, and much more, all via connections with the internet cafes you can find almost anywhere.  Software would be on the device and dynamically loaded onto Win95 (or whatever), then connecting to the internet and producing a great experience for publishing your content.  The industrial and interaction design of such a device would have to be specifically designed for the traveler: rough terrain, bumpy rides, power problems, sporadic connectivity, etc.