This article from a year ago describes how the Otaku nerd culture is creeping into mainstream Japanese culture. Japan seems to have an abundance of subcultures from the playful to the downright disturbing. Like much of Japanese youth culture, some of it eventually reaches Chinese urban centers in some way.  Should we expect to see some of these trends in Beijing anytime soon?

Since we are located in Beijing's Haidian district, the "Silicon Hutong" of China, you can describe this area as Akhibara-lite for the tech minded. Sun, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and probably Google will all be within a 2 mile radius of each other here among the cluster of universities, technology start-ups and military installations.

My local colleagues even tell me that many Beijing women find that a Haidan or Zhonguancun technology boyfriend is quite in vogue because they are stable income providers, not too playboyish, and are more brighter and better educated than the average marketing or business type Beijing male. Of course, they dress like nerds and have about the same amount of social graces as engineers (i'm biased here) the whole world over but thats a small price to pay for being with someone in one of China's hottest fields. Its not so much that the geeks are cool as much as they are a heralded and accepted piller of the China growth and development story.

China is a nation of geeks - and thats OK because we're l337 !