Podcasting was born in Europe, zoomed in the US, and may take China by storm.  The Chinese site Toodou is probably the major player here - and they just launched what we've been expecting since Google Video launched: shared ad revenue in video podcasts.  You can see a sample here, the blogger chooses from a list of ads to insert in the beginning of her video.  I expect audio to follow soon.

Yesterday evening a few of us Acidians from MSRA headed over to France Telecom R&D for Beijing's first dose of Mobile Monday where a slew of folks interested in the technical and marketing aspects of mobile media in China were gathering.  ColorME was showed off (another tool for multimedia bloggers producers) with its social-networking features built-in, and I met one of the managers at ThumbJive, a platform for inserting ads into lightweight mobile games.

China is one of the few places where it actually makes sense to experiment in the mobile game these days.  Consumers are tech-savvy, fashion-conscious, and eager to experiment.