Beijing ACID Blog #49 is dead...Long live One Billion Users !

Lets face it. The old name gave us that not so fresh feeling. I wanted to call it ACID Factory #49 based on the fact that all factories here in China have that type of name...e.g. Shanghai Pencil Factory #45 or Beijing Haidian Middle School #5. Neema felt that people would feel that the name was too drug related and would not know that ACID stood for Asia Center for Interactive Design. I vetoed other names as being not Chinese enough. So instead, we compromised on Beijing ACID Blog #49 (we're at 49 Zhichun road) which meant that no one at all knew why we chose the blog name to begin with. It was a nerdy inside joke that only we knew.


After a couple of months where the site has been a bit moribund, we decided to change it to One Billion Users.  But wait, India has about a billion users too. In fact, the emerging markets comprise billions and billions of people as well. With that in mind, Neema and myself will do a blog on emerging trends in emerging markets....which means just about anything that suits our fancy. We both promise to post more and do less lazy linking. There are a thousand stories here in China in the naked city and we want to let our friends and colleages know about it. We also wanted to talk more about the stuff that we love and do which usually involves technology and ethnography in social issues.


So yea, we changed the name of the blog to better reflect a renewed committment to blogging better. Lets see if we can keep this up for the next few months . Your comments and feedback are welcome.