Hot exhibit halls, garbage strewn about everywhere, maddening crowds, loud blaring music, terrible stench, mushy cold food, terrible stench (yes, it deserves a second mention), mediocre schwags and generic looking video games. Behold ChinaJoy2006 !


Just as E3 will follow Comdex into the grey havens of re-organization since growing too large for relevancy, ChinaJoy muscles its way to the top of the heap as the loudest, tackiest and most un-politically correct videogame show on Earth.


I'll post more later once we do our post-mortem of the event. In the meantime, here are some pictures (via Flickr) from ChinaJoy2006. I would post my pictures directly but it too has a disturbingly high ratio of booth babes vs. "serious industry" screen shots. You can probably determine mine since I actually do take pictures of males as well as screens from the powerpoint presentations.


Yes, its cheesy but remember E3 back in the 90's?