A few days ago I linked to how your Outlook habit reflects your personality. Today's link can be classified as "for amusement only".  It seems that your choice of browser is a lifestyle choice according to the article. I mean, all else being equal since most browsers are free, its really more of an investment of time and preference on which browser we use but it also depends on the which renders the content that you want to see the best.

Having once been part of the IE7 team, I know first hand the challenges of trying to create a product that makes everyone happy while doing your best not to alienate or "orphan" some of your older and less adaptive legacy customers. Yes its great to start from scratch when you have no past but the reality is that each time a browser is updated, there are always those who liked things better the old way and those who want you to go further. My first browser was AOL so I would be in the "uncool" catagory I think.

I like this blurb about Maxthon users which uses the IE6 Trident engine.

"Maxthon and Avant:

You are a little bit confused. You like IE and you wouldn’t change it for another browser. But deep down inside you are envious of your friends who get to have tabbed browsing, and other cool features. Maxhton/Avant lets you have the best of both worlds - the warm and comfy feel of IE, and all the cool features that are standard in other browsers. You will likely switch to IE7 when it is out of beta."

I think the best profile are for those who use the archaic Lynx browser...surf on !


You are a liar. You really want me to believe that you use a text browser for everything? Especially one that does not support javascript, frames, css and has trouble displaying tables? Seriously, I can totally believe that you use vi all the time, and that your primary email client is Mutt or Pine. But there is no way that I’m prepared to buy that you use lynx for everything. And if you would, then you’d be the most hardcore geek I have ever seen in my life. Hats off to you!"

-Frank Yu