The growing news stories and revenue size of the online world seems to be in the public zeitgeist on a daily basis recently. Not only are we conducting more transactions and getting our news from online platforms and sources more and more, we ourselves have begun the migration to living or existing in virtual "metaverses" that mimic or recreate our physical world. MMORPGs and Second Life type communities are just the beginning of a coming transition to alternate representations of both interaction models and experiences.

State of Play IV will be held next January in Singapore. A bit ironic since Singapore seems to be a bit of a virtual reality itself. Having the conference in Asia seems to coincide with the growing presence and influence of the Asian (read Chinese and Korean) online virtual communities. Game portals and communities in China and Korea dwarf those of the US by millions of concurrent users.

The US MySpace phenomena in the context of China's QQ community and Korea's Cyworld only lends more credence that new forms of UI, communities and transaction centers will emerge in the future. Now that MySpace is owned by Rupert, Asia may well be the growing lava vent of new islands and continents of virtual worlds and communities of the future.

I'll be on the panel in Singapore as well probably discussing virtual shared game map spaces as universal dreamscapes.


-Frank Yu