Two 16-year old Beijing girls from the Zhonguancun area in Beijing (the "Silicon Hutong") mirrored me for several hours at work a couple of weeks ago.  These were girls not specifically interested in pursuing careers in technology, but they certainly knew their stuff.

When we made plans to stay in touch, they both told me they don't use instant messaging because it's too distracting, I was shocked.  This comes after all our research kept telling us that email is too formal for urban Chinese teens and that use of IM is assumed by all.

We had fun discussing the field of HCI and I introduced them to many women in our lab given that I got the feeling that they assumed high-tech was "for men" (again, contradicting what our user research was telling us about Beijing teens).

They wrote their email addresses down on paper for me but when I sent mail, it bounced.  Hmm... maybe I'm not getting the hint.