Some interesting concepts from Germany on what Neo-China will be like :

The new opportunities arising for Western designers from the developments in China were the focus of this year's CHINA DESIGN project. This interdisciplinary student project involving 18 students from various areas of study – industrial design, textile design, communication design, fine arts and psychology – was hosted by the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee (KHB) industrial design department during the 2006 summer semester. KHB students cooperated with their peers in Taiwan and China, jointly exploring the different "flavors" of Chinese culture in these two countries.

Living in Beijing, one is well aware of the terrible pollution in our air.

Check this presentation out.

Fetish – designed for active people in polluted cities.

The mask delivers to install different filtersystems for a variety of environmental conditions:
• summer|winter|taipeh|paris-dakar| alaska| berlin
• seperation of breathe in trough air slots and out through two butterfly ventils
• mechanical filter against dust with silverions to neutralize sweat
• biological | medical filter for special application
• chemical filter could be in the future prepared with nanoparticles and metalloxids

This is what I wear on my daily scooter commute (cough cough).

-frank yu