China's current crackdown on video piracy is humming along and there has been impact on the availability of pirated DVDs to some degree in Beijing.

"BEIJING -- Chinese law enforcement agencies destroyed nearly 13 million pirated compact discs, DVDs and computer software Saturday in the government's latest campaign to curtail rampant theft of intellectual property, state media reported.

The destroyed items were confiscated in the first half of an ongoing 100-day nationwide campaign against piracy, the Xinhua News Agency said. Police seized the items in raids that took in the scope of pirated goods networks, from unlicensed factories to street vendors, Xinhua said."

What does his really mean?

Customer: Where are all your current movies like X-Men 3, Cars and Spiderman? All you have are older movies.

DVD Shop clerk: 100 Day Police Raid means we cannot fully stock the store since the DVDs will be taken away and the fines are very stiff. However, come back after 8pm since the police do not raid at night so we put out more stock at that time. Next month, we should be returned to normal.

Who are the customers for these pirated DVDs ? It seems that may of these buyers in Beijing are foreigners from the west or other Asian countries. Due to the dearth of legitimate DVD choice, expensive cable connection and terrible local Chinese television, buying and watching pirated DVDs has become of the most popular entertainment diversion for foreigners. Many of the wired local Chinese residents of Beijing would rather download their movies and shows via file sharing rather than pay the expensive USD 1.00 price of each pirated DVD.

DVDs in Walmart (this was 2 years ago so it may have changed)