China probably now has the largest virtual online population on Earth. Korea may have a higher percentage per capita but by sheer numbers China's online citizens living in virtual worlds at any time is probably larger than many African and European countries by now. Its no wonder that the global eye now focuses on China and the state of its virual worlds to see what new business models and content becomes popular. Each day new online games and MMORPGs seem to launch in China.

Its no wonder that the State of Play conference will now be held for the first time ever in Asia this year. We hear each day about World of Warcraft, Second Life, and even BattleNet as alternate worlds where people seem to live virtual lives complete with new personas and social contacts. China, at least in the local press, has long had stories about virtual properties, gold farming, net addiction, adultery and even mob lynchings in the local virtual worlds of games.

One of our aims here has been to better understand as well as contribute to this space which is in all sense a brave new world of discovery.

I am very  honored to be invited to speak and attend at this year's State of Play conference in Singapore. Just by looking at the lineup I can see a whole array of other speakers who not only continue the conversation, but in many ways started it as well. I mean Cory Doctorow and Neal Stephenson  will be speakers.... 

If anyone is interested in learning more about attending or sponsoring this event, you can contact Dr. Aaron Delwiche (one of the organizers) directly at

State of Play

 Here is the link for the main site.

State of Play IV: Speakers


Aaron Delwiche, Ph.D.
Conference Chair, State of Play IV
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication

Trinity University

Beth Simone Noveck, Ph.D.
Founder, State of Play: Law and Virtual Worlds Annual Conference
Associate Professor of Law
Director, Institute for Information Law and Policy

Director, Democracy Design Workshop
New York Law School


Joey Alarilla
Founding President
Asian Gaming Journalists Association

Peng Hwa Ang
School of Communication and Information
Nanyang Technological University

Wagner James Au
New World Notes

Richard Bartle
Co-designer of the first MUD
Author of Designing Virtual Worlds

Betsy Book
Director, Product Management
Makena Technologies

M. Scott Boone
Associate Professor
Appalachian School of Law

danah boyd
Yahoo! Research
Graduate Fellow
USC Annenberg
Doctoral Candidate
University of California at Berkeley

Greg Boyd, Esq.
Kenyon and Kenyon

Erik Champion
University of Melbourne

Florence Chee
Doctoral Candidate in Communication
Simon Fraser University

Vivien Chen
Assistant Professor
Nanyang Technological University

Roxanne Christ
Latham and Watkins

Kevin Collins
Associate Professor of Law
Indiana University School of Law

Julian Dibbell
Contributing Editor at Wired Magazine
Author of Play Money

Cory Doctorow
Canadian Fulbright Chair (2006-2007)
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
Novels include Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Eastern Standard Tribe
Co-editor and meme propagator at Boing Boing

Kjartan Emilsson
Lead Designer
CCP Games -- Eve Online

John Erskine
Vice President
NCSoft Austin

Joshua Fouts
University of Southern California Center on Public Diplomacy

Elisa Giaccardi
New Media Program Manager
Fitzcarraldo Foundation (Turin, Italy)
Visiting Research Scientist
Center for Lifelong Learning & Design

Steve Goldstein
Director of Business Development
Flagship Studios

James Grimmelmann
Resident Fellow, Information Society Project
Yale Law School
Adjunct Professor of Law
New York Law School

Jennifer Henderson
Assistant Professor of Communication
Trinity University

Joshua Hong
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
K2 Network

Ge Jin
Doctoral Student in Communication
UC San Diego
Director of Gold Farmers

Yehuda Kalay
Professor of Architecture
Director, Center for New Media
College of Environmental Design
University of California at Berkeley

Raph Koster
Game designer and author of A Theory of Fun

Greg Lastowka
Assistant Professor of Law 
Rutgers School of Law-Camden

Marc Lewis
Vice President - Tax Planning
Global Tax Office
Sony Corporation of America

John "Pathfinder Linden" Lester
Community and Education Manager
Linden Lab

Peter Ludlow
Professor of Linguistics
University of Michigan

Alexander Macris
Co-founder and CEO
Themis Group

Thomas Malaby
Associate Professor of Anthropology
College of Letters & Science
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jeff Malpas
Professor of Philosophy
University of Tasmania

Don McGowan

Microsoft Corporation

Jane McGonigal
Lead Designer
42 Entertainment

Jessica Mulligan
Executive Producer for The Saga of Ryzom

Eric Nakamura
Publisher of Giant Robot Magazine

Cory Ondrejka
Chief Technology Officer
Linden Lab

Jerry Paffendorf
Electric Sheep Foundation
Research Director
Accelerating Change Foundation

David Post
I. Herman Stern Professor of Law
Temple Law School

Ren Reynolds
Writer and technology consultant
Active membor of Terra Nova

Marko Skoric
Assistant Professor of Communication
Nanyang Technological University

Constance Steinkuehler
Assistant Professor of Educational Communication and Technology
University of Wisconsin–Madison

Neal Stephenson
Novels include Snow Crash, Diamond Age, and Cryptonomicon

Alice Taylor
Vice President of Digital Content
BBC Worldwide
Fellow (2006-2007)
USC Center on Public Diplomancy

Glenn Thomas
Director of The Ideal World

Allen Varney
Writer and game designer
Contributing writer at The Escapist
Designer of the 2004 edition of the Paranoia role-playing game.

Mark Wallace
Editor of 3PointD
Contributing writer at The Escapist

Martin Wong
Editor of Giant Robot magazine

Sue Yang
Lecturer and gaming curriculum pioneer
Shanghai University of Sport

Nick Yee
Palo Alto Research Center
Ph.D. Candidate in Communicatin

Stanford University

The Honorable Unggi Yoon
Busan, Korea

Frank Yu
Program Manager
Advanced Technology Center, Asia Center for Interaction Design
Microsoft Research Asia Advanced Technology Center in Beijing
Writer and analyst for One Billion Users: Emerging Trends in Emerging Markets

Jonathan Zittrain
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation
Oxford University
Jack N. and Lillian R. Berkman Visiting Professor for Entrepreneurial Legal Studies
Harvard Law School
Co-Founder & Faculty Co-Director
Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School


-Frank Yu