Esteemed Chinese Media site took a stroll in downtown Beijing's Xidan district to conduct an informal poll of likes and dislikes of the common man (and woman) on the streets.

The mercury has dropped in Beijing and winter is on the way. To mark the changing of the weather, Danwei did a spot survey of seven young women and eight young men in the shopping districts of Xidan and Wangfujing, asking them about their clothing and brand preferences.

The first finding is that for women tall boots are still really popular this winter; four of the seven women surveyed were wearing them. They come in leather, pleather, plastic, suede and just about any material you care to name. Complex embroidered designs on the boots, like last year, are very common.


Nokia phones and IBM computers are still hot in the winter. The most interesting is this:

"Web browsers
Of the six people who answered this question, there were two each who said IE, Firefox and Maxthon respectively. "

This is quite different than the global breakdown for the three browsers but this particular location where the poll was asked is known as a sort of fashion trendy type of place.


-Frank Yu