My friend Mark, a professor at Tsinghia University in Beijing (China's #1 Engineering and perhaps #1 School) came up with a novel idea to distribute the lectures that he provides to students and clients. He saves his powerpoint slides as jpegs and loads each one up to Flickr. Here are his slides on a financial lecture that he just gave. He would still need to create a podcast lecture but that would just mean recording for each slide in synch with the Flikr slideshow. I would recommend maybe a talking head on shot and loading it up on YouTube for the audio and pictures of him talking. Of course, users would need a big screen to see all this or they can have a small screen with slides and just hear the YouTube/Podcast.

However, Flickr is pretty diligent about taking down images which are not really photographs. They take down drawings and notes all the time. However, the idea for online education and distribution really doesn't get easier than this without a full video and web based production - especially for China. I smell a potential new idea. If anyone wants to contact Mark send him an e-mail.

 -Frank Yu