Now that Microsoft will be shipping Vista soon to the public, there is a general sense of relief of finally making this milestone. At least three of the features that I have been working on will finally ship at last. Smart Thumbnails for  recorded images in Media Center Video Recorder , content transrating for Media Center Extender and the SELECT Element in Internet Explorer 7, which technically RTWed a few weeks back in the XP version. Of course there are other features that I have worked on for Vista that will not ship now or ever but thats the way it goes.

Vista Aero is visually stunning and the Security for this release has been embedded into every feature (Loads of Sleepless Nights Working on Threat Models). Support for Asian fonts like Tibetan,Mongolian, Khmer and a host of others has been taken very seriously in Vista from day one.

Hopefully, some Ship-It awards will be in my future now that the Vista is going out the door.

Truthfully though, I still like XP. Its really the first PC OS that I knew after switching from OS 9 on the Mac.

-Frank Yu