On Baidu, you can type an MP3 song name and find a website in China where you can download the music for free. Its like Bit Torrent without the torrent. From what I understand this service only works in China and does not function if you use it outside of China for obvious legal reasons. So the world's music companies sued Baidu and lost. The Sina story about this is here:

A group of major music companies lost a lawsuit against China's largest Internet search engine, Baidu.com, over alleged copyright violations, state media reported.

The seven companies, including EMI, Sony BMG, Warner Music and Universal Music, have accused Baidu of facilitating the illegal download of 137 pieces of music owned by the companies, Xinhua News Agency said late Saturday.

The companies demanded Baidu suspend its popular MP3 search service on its Web site and compensate them with 1.73 million yuan (US$216,250; €169,289).

But the First Intermediate Court in Beijing ruled that Baidu had not infringed the copyright of the record companies because the music files were being downloaded from the Web servers of external parties.

"If the music companies had won, the whole search engine sector would have ground to a halt," Xinhua quoted an unnamed Baidu spokesman as saying.

 In response to the quote by the unnamed Baidu spokesman, it would not be the "whole search engine sector" , it would only be Baidu's search engine revenue and traffic that would have ground to a halt. Baidu is probably a company living on borrowed time once Google and Windows Live close the pincers here in China.