I went to Gulou district with Chris Early (General Manager of MS Casual Games)  and Dave Albert (Group Manager of Carbonated Games) to see what kind of games and guitars are available in China. In one of the first game stores we looked inside there was a working PS3 on display.  All game consoles except the iQue are still currently illegal in China but its interesting to see whats in the grey market. One can find many Japanese Xbox 360's modded to play the pirated games that sell for 8-15 Yuan (1 to 2 $) but a new surprise was to see a store with up to 5 PS3 consoles available for sale. I went it to ask for prices and was given a quote of 5,680 yuan for a PS3 (not sure which configuration) which seemed kind of close to market value. However, all they were selling was one copy of Resistance for almost 680 Yuan which is almost $90 - no pirated PS3 games - yet.

 Looking at the screen, the graphics looked a bit pedestrian and the gameplay standard. In fact, of the three guys around the console, two were playing with their Nintendo DS.

 I can't wait to see my first Wii in China.


-Frank Yu



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