A new e-mail was distributed to us today concerning the placing and eating of smelly food in the office.

 Cafeteria food for those who cannot eat at their desk anymore.

Subject: Minimize Food Smell in Sigma Office


In order to create one comfortable Sigma office environment, and minimize food smell in office, below policy is emphasized and taken effective from now.

For personnel habit and work efficiency, some of employees bring own food and heat in pantry or order food from restaurant, we respect your choice.

But we notice that some of food contain strong smell like leek, onion, shallot, garlic, mutton, vinegar etc. These kinds of food will penetrate all office area or meeting room after heating and eating, and many employees can not afford these kinds of strong smell in office.

To keep office professional and fresh, and satisfy most staffs, Sigma Management Team and Microsoft Facility Team would strongly recommend all staff working in Sigma office:

1. Do not bring and heat those kinds of food with strong smell.

 2. Try to order Western Food, Fast Food or light smell food when needed

 3. Eat food only in pantry area 

These rules are applied for all FTE, Non-FTE and Vendor staffs.

   Thanks for your kind understanding and cooperation.

 -frank yu