Microsoft just announced the MultiPoint SDK, which will be released soon.  It will be included in the 2007 ImagineCup contest, which has lots of quality entries in China.  There's even a Channel 9 video for it already.

While the idea of multiple mice connected to a single computer is not new (it began with Kori Quinn's work, called Single-Display Groupware) and continued at the University of Maryland with Ben Bederson, the utility of SDG for emerging markets was initiated at MSRI by Joyojeet Pal, Kentaro Toyama, and Udai Pawar.

After seeing the demo at the 2006 TechFest, I took the idea of Multimouse (the name at the time) and attached extra-long cables to the mice in order to place them on the desks of students, as opposed to crowding around a single computer.  This project resulted in a CHI submission and a WWW submission.  The project, called A Mouse on Each Desk (MED, working name), was done here at MSRA with Taemie Kim, a PhD student at MIT's Media Lab.

I am presently continuing work on MED with David Zhang from the University of Toronto and Jun Ge, from Shanghai Jiaotong University.  We plan to take the concept of MED in new directions and to iterate on the design.