China always has a clutch of weird news coming out each day so I 'm always wondering when Festivus will be the official holiday in China.

 Mu - the blood saint of Festivus

Since the holidays approach including kwaanza and Saturnalia, it only fitting to celebrate Festivus and that other holiday Christmas with cheer. However, some uptight grad students in China feel otherwise. The internet in China continues to spawn weird fringe groups left and right.


As Christmas draws near, ten philosophy and education PhD students from China's top universities jointly publicized a petition on the Internet, calling on netizens, especially the young, to be less excited about the exotic holiday, Shanghai-based reported December 21, 2006.

This is the latest instance of public resistance to western culture and lifestyles in China. In the online petition, titled "Out of Cultural Collective Unconsciousness, Strengthen Chinese Cultural Dominance" and dated with traditional Chinese Era Calendar, PhD students from China's most authoritative universities including Beida, Tsinghua and People's University hope to "wake up the Chinese people to resist western cultural invasion".

 Bunny Huang (the guy who hacked Xbox1) has a newbie rant on China where he mentions that Christmas seems to have invaded the country like spiritual kudzu or in his words "cities festooned with Christmas decorations."

 As a note, my team has voted to take Dec 25th off since we were allowed one floating holiday. However, we all have to work Dec 30 and 31st which are Sat and Sun respectively in order to have Jan 1, 2,and 3 as public holidays as mandated by the Chinese government. It all evens out at the end right?

 -Frank Yu

Hail Festivus - May the Mu be with you