Beijing demolition. Run Run Run

Its all said in CNN's Earthquake story.

 "Taiwan lost almost all of its telephone capacity to Japan and mainland China. Service to the United States also was hard hit, with 60 percent of capacity lost.

Later, Chunghwa said connections to the U.S., China and Canada were mostly restored, but 70 percent of the capacity to Japan was still down, along with 90 percent of the capacity to Southeast Asia."

All day on Mesenger I've been receiving complaints from friends in China and in Hong Kong of how they can't read e-mail, access websites or even log on to any foreign servers or websites in the US or Europe. Sites and people in China were still more or less accesible to others in China but going across the big ocean usually meant a disruption of service. Many people cannot access their mail services at home at all, probably since the servers are abroad, but its interesting to note that chat services for both Messenger and Gtalk seemed to be working ok.

At work, our internet is routed via Japan so we had little or no disruption for our services in the US. Anything internet south of Taiwan was in chaos yesterday and even today. . Boxing day will probably become one of the most feared days in the Asian Calendar since bad things always seem to happen. 

-Frank Yu