Having been part of the IE team here in Beijing, I have a healthy respect for both Firefox 1.0  and Maxthon. Knowing how much work goes into making browsers work will rock your world. Personally, I use Firefox, IE, Maxthon and Opera depending on the platform and the function and think that all four are great browsers for different reasons. Probably one of the persons that I can say that I have deep respect for is Blake Ross, one of the founders and perhaps spiritual father of Firefox. On Christmas day Google lost Blake.

Call me naive: I think you can make a lot of money, go public, even monopolize a market, and still retain a moral compass that points in the direction of Google’s stated top priority—users.

But Google lost me today.

To be fair, he puts Google on a higher pedestal than other companies and believes that they promised more and should deliver more. I can just imagine what he would say about companies like Baidu that goes even further in charging for paid results by providing rank for pay services to advertisers.

From the Googlenews Blog.

"Baidu has decoded China's cultural cryptography in ways that have eluded Google. A key example: Baidu's embrace of paid search results. For many popular search terms, Baidu will rank results by how much an advertiser is willing to pay for prominent placement."

 The Ross article entry and the thread (which has some great responses) that goes with it opens up a great discussion about the ethical practice of all ad links in general by all companies including Microsoft and Yahoo. The very nature of ad results from search may need further discussion.

-Frank Yu